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Join the caravan to know how participation is individually enriching and collectively rewarding!

A few like minded Entrepreneurs from Thane came together 5 years ago, with an intention to create a platform where many such Entrepreneurs could meet, discuss ideas of business enhancement & use individual business network for the benefit of other members .

This is effectively achieved by structured periodical meetings on first & third Wednesday of every month open network during breakfast, One to one interactions amongst members to enable oneself to act as a "Sales Resources" for others,
Business presentation to members, passing & tracking referrals, facilitate conversion into actual business by arranging meetings to close business deals.

Participate in integration of strong Brahmin Business Group.


To unite all Brahman businessman under BVSS, to bring about qualitative and quantitative improvement in their enterprises.

To convert the mindset from Job Seeker to Job Creator 

To enlarge the business circle with two interwoven objectives

- internal referrals as well as external referrals


- Enhance awareness of group members about the best practices prevalent in the industry


Regular Participation in weekly meetings

One minute presentation

Business Presentation

One to One meeting

One to Many meetings

Meeting with High profile corporate executives

Business exchange

Pooling of expertise

Join meeting with other Brahmin groups

Exchange of ideas

BVSS Batch, Diary and Card Holder

Family Get-together

Annual Picnic

Underlying Principle
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