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Joshi Sugandhi

We trade in all the Pooja products. We Represent a business legacy of 138 yrs shop Govind Daji Joshi & Company in Pune.

Our main products include :-

Ashtagandha which is chemical free.

Dhoop stick which is made from coal and dhoop powder.

Sugandhi Wati made from Vanaspati Ghee which is wax free.

Agarbati which are chemical free

Kesari Uttana for skin care.

Masala Uttana

Masala Oil

Camphor and Bhimseni camphor.

Rangoli Stencil & all Other Pooja Products

We have exclusive Diwali Gift Pack "Abhyag"

We have Satyanarayan Pooja Pack with all the things that we required in that Pooja.

We have Ganpati Pooja Pack with exclusive 21 Patri Pack in it.

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